Behind the Goat

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Perfect beard and facial care is something every man strives to achieve.  You don’t have to play lead guitar in the band, be a hipster, or a smooth skin model to enjoy a well-shaven face, or a finely groomed beard; classic looks have always represented luxury.  Whether an early morning board meeting, casual Friday, or Sunday fun-day, routinely using Dr. Goat Beard & Facial Care, your beard will flourish and your skin will look healthier.  Dr. Goat Beard & Facial Care is designed to fit every man, every day; on every occasion.   

We believe, every man should be able to put their best face forward. With a passion for nice skin and hair, Dr. Goat has studied and strategically combined distinct carrier oils to provide the optimal benefit to keep your skin healthy and immaculate during all seasons. All products in Dr. Goat Collections are 100% natural, handcrafted, and helps restore the natural balance. Dr. Goat products, current and future, aim to get back to the basics and replenish naturally blended oils back into the skin and hair that may be stripped away from chemically base products washes and lotions.

Dr. Goat products provides the following benefits: 

Skin Hydration
Enrich Sensitive Skin
Hair Stimulation
Anti - Fungal
Vitamin E
and more.....

In Morocco, the Argan Tree provides the best meal for goats.  Over time, Moroccan goats have learned to climb Argan trees to feast on the nutrients provided by the fruit on the tree.  Just as the goats in Morocco work diligently to harvest the beneficial fruits from the Argan tree, Dr. Goat Beard & Facial Care provides the same Argan tree nutrients in a collection of products for the hair and skin.

Dr. Goat products contain Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Black Castor Oil, and Moroccan Argan (please refer to specific products for ingredients).

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