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#MajorKey - Men Grooming Essentials

As a man, being well kept should be at the top of all our list. The way you present yourself can determine not only how you are perceived by others, but also effects your confidence and social interactions. With this being said, you don’t have to go out and reinvent the man groom wheel. Just master these top essentials and you will be fine! Haircut Maybe you’ve been bald for over a decade. Maybe your locks flow like a harsh river’s current after a storm. No matter the case, it’s part of your appearance that can earn serious bonus points, not only for one’s self confidence, but for his overall appeal in any given setting. Every man feels at his...

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Product Spotlight: Shaving Set

In this edition, instead of spotlighting one product, let's highlight a complete set of products. Instead of using these products independently of each other, the ultimate experience comes from using these products in combination from start to finish. Using Dr Goat Shaving Products provides this great shaving experience. So let’s jump right into the products. Dr Goat Pre-Shave Oil You may be are asking yourself, “I’m supposed to doing something before shaving?” Well, “YES! You are!” Pre-Shave Oil is a product that has been around for some time, but is also the most under-utilize products in the market. When used effectively, the pre-shave product will provide the following benefits: Lessen irritation Limit in-grown hairs Softens and hydrates the skin A...

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Real Reviews, Real People

A few weeks ago, a customer purchased a few shaving products from the website. It is an honor when you can bottle your passion and customers speak highly of your product. A real person providing a real review. Make sure you subscribe to @BeardedMan31 channel.  In honor of this review, all shaving products are on sale through the end of July! No Promo Code needed!  

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