Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Leaves, and Beards

Everywhere I go these days, signs for pumpkin spice whatever are plastered on storefront displays of my favorite restaurants, coffee spots, smoothie shops, you name it. That can only mean one thing: women are lurking somewhere close by. So technically it means two things: fall is officially here. Halloween will be upon us in no time, and after we hook up with that pretty girl in her revealing, sexy mouse/cat/witch/nurse /cop costume at a Halloween party, we’ll have to decide whether or not she’ll make the cut for cuffing season.

Before you know it, the leaves will begin to fall from the trees and Thanksgiving will soon come and go. But just because Winter is coming, it doesn’t mean that you to feel like a WhiteWalker from Game of Thrones when the cool air hits your skin…that is, you won’t have to if you take proper care. It’s important to understand why your skin drys out and how exactly the colder air affects your skin. Well, cold air lacks humidity, even here in Texas. Those low levels of humidity basically cause the moisture in your skin to evaporate at a higher rate. This leaves your skin cracking like chap lips and ashy. Even long-term use of central heating during those colder months has been known to have the same effects and cause beard hairs to become brittle like an 80-year-old hip.

So whether you stay inside or out, you’re putting your skin at risk. Don’t fret, that’s why Dr. Goat Beard & Facial Care exists. With its collection of natural, handcrafted essential oils that include vitamin E and anti-aging supplements, not only can you hydrate your skin, whether sensitive or not, but you can also stimulate the look and feel of your facial hair.

Remember, gentlemen, it’s much more important to maintain this hydration during the fall and winter months when you’ll be spending much more time snuggling to the sexy cop you met earlier. For those crucial moments, you’re going to want your skin to be as smooth as an English accent and for you beard to be as soft as a silk scarf. Several beard oils exist, but they neglect the overall health of your skin. And you can certainly use an array of the available facial moisturizers, but many of them use synthetic chemicals that could be damaging in the long run. Dr. Goat has you covered on all fronts.

To prepare for the cold weather, follow on Instagram for product giveaways and check for the No Shave November Sale coming soon!

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