Product Spotlight: Shaving Set

In this edition, instead of spotlighting one product, let's highlight a complete set of products. Instead of using these products independently of each other, the ultimate experience comes from using these products in combination from start to finish. Using Dr Goat Shaving Products provides this great shaving experience. So let’s jump right into the products.

Dr Goat Pre-Shave Oil

You may be are asking yourself, “I’m supposed to doing something before shaving?” Well, “YES! You are!”

Pre-Shave Oil is a product that has been around for some time, but is also the most under-utilize products in the market. When used effectively, the pre-shave product will provide the following benefits:

Those benefits alone are great benefits to use pre-shave oil, but the #1 benefit is pre-shave oil is perfect for men with sensitive skin. The oil provides a protective coat between the razor and skin to prevent razor burn and let the blaze glide over the skin without any pulling of the hairs.

Now this information might leave you with a few more questions. Questions such as, “Where can I use the pre-shave?” or “Can I use it to edge up my beard?” You can use the pre-shave oil on any area that you are shaving. It works anywhere a razor will cut. Secondly, you can use it to line up your beard. It actually works better than shaving cream because you can see the natural line of your beard.

Dr Goat After Shave & After Shave Balm

Unlike the pre-shave oil, every man is or should be familiar with some type of After Shave product. Now it’s all about choosing the right one! However, there is a lot that goes into selecting the right after shave more than 1 that just smells good. A great after shave will provide the following benefits:

  • Clear the pores of bacteria
  • Seals the pores
  • Helps with acne and inflamed skin
  • Hydrates the skin

In order to achieve these benefits, the after shave must contain to correct ingredients. The main rule of thumb, which most men get wrong, is NO ALCOHOL! Alcohol leaves the skin dry, dehydrated, and also burns.  Instead use natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. These ingredients help soothe the skin (limit itchiness from dry skin) and keep the skin soft post shave.

Now, with the basics laid out there, you may be thinking, “So what the difference between Dr Goat After Shave Balm and the After Shave Tonic?” “Which one is best?” Even though it’s all personal preference, below is a chart for which one works best in certain situations.

Dr Goat After Shave Tonic

Dr Goat After Shave Balm

Normal Skin

Oily skin

Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Sensitive Skin

Extreme Cold Climates

Moderate climates

Dry Climates


Sensitive Skin



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