"New Year, New Me" - New Year's Resolution to Start 2018

“New Year, New Me” is a slogan we hear way too often at the turn of the year. But how can it be a new you if you are carrying over the same grooming habits? We all know that if you look good then you feel good. So, let’s start this year working from the outside in.

To make this easy, first let’s identify grooming habits and skin care we need to leave in 2017. Since we are men, we don’t need a long list, just a concise list to look our best and hopefully catch the eye of a few people while out and about.

What to Leave in 2017:

  • Dry, unkept beards. There are many solutions out there. There is no reason to have a dry beard or bed head beard.
  • Beard-Duff. Flakey beards are just a bad as flakey hair. Having “beard-duff” on the collar of your shirt will definitely not move the needle in your favor.
  • Hair Bumps. Some skin bumps are genetics, but most are in-grown hairs that need to be pulled out. In addition, in-grown hairs are due to improper shaving techniques. More to come on this.
  • Ungroomed Hair and Ashy Skin. Men, let’s take the extra 15 minutes in the morning to take care of ourselves instead of using the good ol’ hand brush in the car on our way to work.

Those are all simple issues that can easily be solved to enhance self-confidence, self-presentation, and help you accomplish other goals you may have for 2018. Let’s take a look at these solutions.

Presenting a New You in 2018:

  • Use Beard Products. Beard products can enhance the over all look of the beard, moisturize the beard, while also making it easy to maintain. No more getting the comb stuck or pulling out the hair and irritating the skin. For beard solutions, review Dr Goat’s Beard Collections.
  • Use Beard Wash. Most people believe you should only wash your hair once a week. By far this isn’t true. Men should wash their hair and beard at least twice a week. The skin needs to be refreshed and cleansed throughout the week. In return, washing your beard keeps the skin healthy as well.
  • Use Proper Shaving Techniques. Admit it – Everyone hates hair bumps! Men and the women that have to look at them. Most can be eliminated by shaving correctly. Bumps are caused by shaving the hair below the skin level. Stop focusing on getting the skin baby smooth. Lastly, don’t be afraid of using a razor. A razor combined with Pre-Shave Oil will work wonders.
  • Groom and Maintain. Develop a day and night routine for grooming. For example, apply beard oil at night and beard lotion in the morning to lock in the moisture all day. Use a good comb to fluff your beard out. And get a nice wave brush or hair pick to look your best.

These simple steps are low hanging fruit which will spring board you into 2018. Remember if you look good, you feel good and anything will possible in 2018!


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