What's in your head? Truth about shampoos

Ever wonder what's in your shampoo that makes it work? What causes the foam? What is in it that actually cleans your hair? It has to be more than just soap and water, correct? Well, most shampoos bought over the counter are chemically based and can actually be unhealthy for your hair and your body. According to Dr. Mercola, the 20 blood vessel and 650 sweat glands in your head, soak these toxins into the body. When toxins are absorbed through the skin, they bypass the liver, so they are never filtered out. It would be less harm to eat the shampoo than use it in a sense. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of chemical base shampoo.



  • In Store for quick purchase
  • Cheap in price (most unhealthy items are)
  • Offers more lather which result to using less 


  • Synthetic chemicals which result in premature balding and graying of hairs
  • Consist of antifreeze (like in a car) and kerosene - can cause illness and even cancer
  • Corrodes hair follicles
  • Some chemicals such as sodium lauryl  are shown to leave deposits in the internal organs
  • Sodium lauryl is used in 90% of shampoos and can cause improper eye development and lead cataracts
  • The foam created from the lather is NOT real. Parabens are added to produce this foam which can be absorbed into the veins
  • Most shampoos contain chemicals to make you have to keep using them by drying out your scalp instead of cleaning and adding natural oils.


    After hearing the worst about your shampoo, there is an alternative. Using an all natural shampoo, such as Dr Goat Beard Wash,can eliminate the above scary thoughts and provide a healthy look. In addition, since Dr Goat Beard Wash is all natural, it can be used for the beard and head and also by women. Lets compare the pros and cons.


    • The obvious pro is it's all natural. With the product being all natural, this means its biodegradable and won't harm nature nor yourself.
    • Benefits hair and skin. The natural oils use enriches the hair and provides a healthy shine and a soft feel.
    • Helps facilitate the body natural oils from the glands. The natural oils from the body plus those in a natural shampoo leads to a thicker appearance and glossy look.
    • Infuses quicker in to the skin
    • Provides vitamin E which is what the skin and hair needs to avoid aging.


    • A higher price because of the natural and real ingredients. However, you can't put a price on health and safety.
    • Listed as a con, but could be a pro. No synthetic foaming agents are in natural shampoo. Therefore, there is not a big soapy feel. This will give the illusion of needing to use more shampoo resulting in buying more. Just remember foam does not equal clean.  
    With the truth in front of you, hopefully you make the change over to a natural shampoo. While you are here, you can browse our collection and save 10% on your order by following us on social media. 

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