Ultimate Beard Care Tip

Growing a beard can stand for many different things depending on the face that it’s attached to: freedom, self-expression, and personal style all come to mind, but ultimately, the beard is a symbol of commitment. It’s not your typical piece of facial hair that can be left to grow freely with little attention paid to it. Instead, for a man to grow a beard he needs time, patience, and effort

Contrary to popular belief, grooming one’s facial hair is similar how one would upkeep his lawn; it must be groomed and manicured on a consistent basis to achieve the best result and presentation. As many men prepare to grow their winter fur for No Shave November Awareness, the following tips can be used for beard growers at any stage of his journey; whether he’s a stubbled beginner or Grizzly Adams’ doppelganger.

Growing Pains

  • Fight the through the itch. This is the beginning where only the strong survive. This stage might feel like an eternity, however, in real time the itch will only last about 2 weeks.
  • Let it grow in fully. The biggest mistake newbies make is trying to shape their beard prematurely. This seemingly innocent mistake can take weeks or even months to bounce back from. Let it grow wild like the forest for about a month or so depending on how fast your facial hair replenishes. This way you get to see the real shape of your beard. Don’t believe the myth that your beard should be at your jaw line, which is where most people tend to trim and outline. This will give your beard the appearance of being 1 size too small.

Grooming Technique

  • Keep it Clean. As with everything else in life, apartments, dishes, underwear, etc. you must also clean your beard! To clean, does not mean to grab the same bar of soap you just used 20 seconds ago to wash your armpits and butt with. Soaps dry the skin. Use an all-natural moisturizing shampoo such as Dr. Goat Beard Wash. Our shampoo helps prevent itchiness from dry skin and brittle hair.
  • Use quality products. Maybe I’m a bit bias, but we recommend using quality beard oil. Beard oils come in many varieties, and may very well seem to be the same as the next. However, make sure you choose the best option for you so that you won't experience an allergic outbreak and that is noncomedogemic (does not clog pores). For a prefect oil suitable for all beards, we recommend Dr. Goat Premium Freshness (Click link for benefits).
  • Trim and Tame. Trimming your beard is very important for maintaining the shape of it, but also helps with getting rid of split ends and dead hair. You should trim your beard weekly to keep a healthy look and feel. In addition to trimming, comb and/or brush daily.

Stay Healthy

  • Diet and Sleep. Two of the most important things that most of us do not get 100% correct. According to studies, not only can specific foods trigger beard growth, but just as your muscles and bones need proper nutrition and rest, so does the hair and skin. Additionally, Dr. Goat Collections provides an abundance of Vitamin E, and essential ingredient for great hair and skin.
  • Keep Out. Lastly, make sure that when eating or participating in any other number of tasks to keep items out of your beard. If your beard is long and obstruct the path between the fork and your mouth, wipe after each bite. This might sounds mundane, but it will save you embarrassment. Finally, and this is the toughest one, fight the temptations of having women play in your beard. You don't know where their hands have been, but we all know they use their hands to wipe. Enough Said!!

Following these few tips can have you on the right path to achieving greatness.



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