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Rebuilding Our Community - Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Dear Customers,Hurricane Harvey is having a devastating impact on Texas and Louisiana. Our thoughts and prayers are with our customers, and the millions of people affected by the storm. We want to make you aware of some of the efforts we will be doing to help, and how funds from your purchases will be used. As a company we understand your city is the one who made you, and it is only right to give back to continue a cycle of positive growth for those you have touched.  Dr Goat Beard & Facial Care has instituted a reoccurring donation through the end of September to the Gregory Webb Foundation. The Gregory Webb Foundation is a grass root non-profit foundation that focus...

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#MajorKey - Men Grooming Essentials

As a man, being well kept should be at the top of all our list. The way you present yourself can determine not only how you are perceived by others, but also effects your confidence and social interactions. With this being said, you don’t have to go out and reinvent the man groom wheel. Just master these top essentials and you will be fine! Haircut Maybe you’ve been bald for over a decade. Maybe your locks flow like a harsh river’s current after a storm. No matter the case, it’s part of your appearance that can earn serious bonus points, not only for one’s self confidence, but for his overall appeal in any given setting. Every man feels at his...

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Vlog: Real People, Real Review

Reviews influence us all on any purchase we make in our everyday lives. Especially reviews of people we hold highly and/or people that are genuinely telling the truth without having to be persuaded.  Dr Goat has been fortunate enough to come across that when we meet Beardedman31 aka Big Bob. He recently received the Beard Lotion and made the review video below. To learn more about the product, check out the video. In addition, for more beard product reviews follow and subscribe to his social media pages. I have listed those below for easy access as well.  IG - @BeardedMan31 Youtube - BeardedMan31

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