Product Questions

Beard Products

What is the best way to use and apply Dr. Goat Beard Products?

Will beard oil make my beard grow?

What's the difference between the Prestige Oil and the Premium Oils?

Will Dr. Goat Beard Oil leave my face greasy?

Are the Dr. Goat Beard Oil and Beard Lotion for only 1 type of skin?

How does sweating affect Dr. Goat Beard Products?

Is a long thick beard required to use Dr Goat Beard Products?

Does the scent of the Dr. Goat Beard Products work while wearing cologne?

What is the difference between the beard oil and beard lotion?

I ordered the Dr. Goat Beard Lotion and when I received it, the lotion has melted. Is this normal?

Shaving Products

Does Dr. Goat After Shave Tonic burns when applying?

I have never your pre-shave oil before. What is the purpose?

What is the difference between the after shave tonic and the after shave balm?

Can Dr. Goat Shaving Products be used to shave the head?

I ordered the Dr. Goat After Shave Balm, and when I received it, the balm was soft/melted. Is this normal?

Company Policies

Shipping and Returns

What is the return policy?

How long does shipping take?